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THE Pacific Conference of Churches regularly makes calls on matters of regional interest through the secretariat or the Pacific Church Leaders Meeting. Here are some of the calls we have made. You are welcome to pass them on or use this material as reference for academic papers, news articles and sermons. We will also add a number of critical Press Releases made over the years on issues including Gender-based Violence, West Papua, political independence and religious tolerance, climate change. Some of the material on this page has been created by our partner organisations or is pertinent to the work we do.


 no Letter of Concern to ABChong re Fr Muliau Stowers victim-blaming comments re sexual assaults (pdf) – Download

Statement Papuan Religious Leaders 12June2020 (1) (pdf) – Download

PCC Call for Justice and Righteousness (pdf) – Download

PCC Statement to Fiji’s Parliament on Nuclear Weapons (pdf) – Download

PCLM Statement (pdf) – Download

West Papua Report (1) (pdf) – Download

GS Ending Domestic Violence (pdf) – Download

February 2019 Statement – West Papua (pdf) – Download

PDF Statement on Christchurch attacks-converted (1) (pdf) – Download

GS Easter Message (pdf) – Download

Climate Action Change Partnership Statement (pdf) – Download

PCC World Day of Prayer 2021 (pdf) – Download

Somare Tribute –  Download

To PNG Churches (pdf)  –  Download

PCC statements on Nuclear Talks – Download

PCC statement on West Papua  –  Download

 PCC statement for Samoa –  Download

PCC-GS-launch-youth(PDF) – Download   

Season of creation (Bible study  Guide ) PDF – Download   

Season of creation (Member Churches) Pdf –Download 

The Creation of Story – Download 

PCC & FCOC ( Joint submission on the climate submission on the Bill No.13 of 2021 ) –Download 

Maohi Nui  Self Determination Pack  ( PDF ) – Download 

West Papua Self Determination pack ( PDF) –  Download 

Faith and Science towards cop26  Executive summary  (PDF) –  Download 

Faith and Science towards Cop26 : Declaration  (PDF) – Download 

Joint  appeal : 4th October 2021 –  Download 



Our Newsletters

FOUR times a year we will let you know what the PCC is doing through our quarterly newsletter – Talanoa Tokotok. Enjoy

Talanoa 2 2019 (pdf) – Download

Talanoa 2019 (pdf) – Download

Q3 Talanoa Final (pdf) – Download

Jan-Feb 2020 Update (pdf) – Download