Our Key Programmes

The Pacific Cannot Be Free Until We Are All Free

SINCE the illegal annexation of West Papua by Indonesia withe the help of the United Nations and global powers, the PCC has called for Papuans to be allowed their right to self-determination.

The Papuan churches, while part of the Dutch East Indies, helped form the PCC in 1961. We have consistently called for their right to determine the political future. The PCC demands the same for Maohi Nui (French Polynesia) and Kanaky (New Caledonia). For more than 40 years Pacific churches have supported the causes which has led to Maohi Nui being placed on the United Nations C24 list of territories for decolonisation. And we have accompanied the people of Kanaky in their journey through a series of referendum to determine their political future.

Climate change is real

WE are the leading voice on Climate Change in a region in which this issue is an existential threat.

The PCC has taken Pacific church leaders to COP meetings to speak on what is a matter of life and death for our people.

We have helped governments relocate communities and design national relocation policies.

Closer to home the PCC has built a Peace Garden in an effort to offset carbon emissions.