Executive Committee & Pacific Church Leaders

Pacific Church Leaders

EVERY two years a group of Pacific church leaders gathers to discuss issues of relevance ranging from climate change to nuclear testing and gender-based violence to political self-determination. The meeting serves as a reminder to the PCC Secretariat, churches and regional organisations on the important role the church plays in the region. The Pacific Church Leaders’ Meeting is a cross section of the PCC General Assembly and is represented by churches from the Northern Pacific, Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia. Last year, representatives of the Australian government were invited to discuss issues of mutual interest – including migrant workers – with the PCLM at a meeting held at the Pacific Theological College.

The Executive

THE Executive Committee meets once a year as a general assembly outside the governing General Assembly. Headed by the PCC Moderator, Reverend Dr Tevita Havea, (pictured) of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, its members are: Deaconess Tamalesi Makutu, Methodist Church in Fiji and Deputy Moderator (by Constitution the posts of moderator and deputy must be male and female or vice versa); Pastor Wakira, Eglise Protestante de Kanaky Nouvelle Caledonie (Francophone representative); Shane Ashley, Catholic Bishops of Papua New Guinea (Youth representative); Deaconess Salanieta Naucabalavu, Methodist Fiji (Womens representative); Archbishop Peter Loy Chong, Catholic Bishops Conference; Pastor Kalahati Kilei, Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu and Esline Toamavule, Church of Christ Vanuatu (small churches); Reverend Sepi’uta Hala’api’api, Diocese of Polynesia and Nga Mataio, Cook Islands Christian Church (medium churches); Elder Mafutaga Fa’alegoa, Congregational American Samoa and Reverend Tunupopo Patu, Congregational Samoa (large churches); Rev Tevita Nawadra, Fiji and Rev Ikani Tolu, Tonga (national councils of churches). The Principal of the Pacific Theological College and General Secretary of the South Pacific Association of Theological Schools are members of the committee.

Finance and General Business

THE Finance and General Business Committee is the first line of governance for the PCC Secretariat. It comprises Livai Tuisaravere, trustee and former accountant of the Methodist Church in Fiji; Reverend Dr Bruce Yeats of the St Andrew’s Church in Suva; Father Hrildatho Ranola of CEPAC (Episcopal Conference of the Pacific); and the General Secretary of the PCC. This committee is mandated to meet once a quarter and reports to the Executive Committee.